every boring fuck we know is clinging to nostalgia’s dope

Halls // “Lifeblood”

Runaway (Kanye West cover) | Oberhofer


The Spyrals - Lonely Eyes

These 3 dudes are taking the old city sound of San Francisco, from where they hail and adding about 3 sticks of butter and a gallon of cream to make it oh so thick.

Pick up their self-titled album digitally now and pre-order the joint on a limited run of vinyl that’ll be shipped out to you June 5th.

Caribou // Found Out

Ratatat // Big Heroes


Kanye West // Runaway


Even without a line like “Worst rapper on this track, third coolest” this would still kill it.


Das Racist - Rainbow in The Dark (Anamanaguchi Remix)

Bombay Bicycle Club // Flaws

Rolling in the Deep // Adele REMIX ft. Lil Wayne


Kool A.D. - Dum Diary

Teenage Dream // HEEMS Remix

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-friedrich nietzsche
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