be honest with yourself.

this is only happening because you’ve put yourself in this situation; it all began as a choice.

// it’s breathtaking how some individuals are brought into our lives to guide us to  appreciate new things and even old one’s we never wanted to look at. our experiences and gratitude expand each day! our minds are forced to upturn and look at situations through a different light. it’s really just so, so magical //

// it’s just kinda wonderful how some things happen. they sprout out of nowhere and become something beautiful. if you don’t want a heartache throw your expectations out the window. pieces will come together. whatever will be, will be. //

time is a key to happiness, if you aren’t patient you’ll never be happy. things will not always go your way, accept it. laugh at it. whatever you’re waiting for isn’t here yet cause you aren’t ready.

// i think it’s so incredible how we many changes we go through in just 2 years. the way we thought, spoke, viewed certain things. we probably laugh at how we humiliated ourselves, but they provide us so much insight on the present moment and who we’ve become over time. this is vital to our existence cause without experiences, how will we ever learn? how will we ever make mistakes and grasp the moral from them? if you just sit quietly at home all the time, you’ll never know what’s out there. you’ll never fuck up and know what’s right/wrong, let alone how to deal with these things. life is all about exploring, every day is such an adventure! i’ll probably laugh at this in 2 years. //

// last night i realized something. you can try to use substances like alcohol or weed to get your mind off something, but no matter how hard you try, it won’t go away. why? cause you’re in an infinite loop of chasing it to leave you alone. it’s like hitting a baby to stop crying. how will it stop crying if you keep hitting it? it will stop once you do. so, if you’re trying to stop something, you have to stop yourself from stopping it. let it go. don’t try to let it go. just do it. accept the situation instead of being forceful about it, and it will disappear before your hopeless eyes //

it’s crazy, don’t you think?

i think i’m in love with you nature

it’s october.

the cold is back, the warm candles, grunge music and horror movies are too.

i feel so content again, 

but i always say something like this about every season

is it possible to always be happy?

he’s drunk again

I think too much.

so much blur


Great everything is just great right its just great really great w0o

a normal alien
"and if you gaze for long into an abyss, the abyss gazes also into you"
-friedrich nietzsche
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